What is a “Cool Magician”?

Cool - informal, fashionably attractive or impressive.

Magician - a person who performs magic tricks for entertainment.

Toronto comedy magician and illusionist Ray Anderson has performed over 3000 shows in his 25 years in the business. With six national tours under his belt, he has performed from New Brunswick to Vancouver Island; performed in NYC, Vegas, Chicago, Orlando, New Orleans and even Bermuda. He has performed on TV, radio, Squirrel,  corporate events, casinos, trade shows, soft seat theatres, family events and has even performed at a funeral home. You can trust your event will be amazing.

Spend time with him while he is performing and often you will be one of the many wiping tears from your eyes from laughing and saying “Wow, not sure if he should be out in the public!”

Looking forward to seeing you at the show…