Ray Anderson is a performer, creator, and a teacher of magic, based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He has traveled throughout North America performing this Art. Since relocating in 1995 from New Brunswick, Canada, to Ontario, Canada, he has become one of North America’s most demanded magicians.

In a private hospitality suite with a deck of cards in hand, or on stage in front of six thousand people performing a grand illusion, he is right at home, making people cheer and shake their head in wonder!

Ray has had the pleasure of performing in many of North America’s largest venues, various organizations and many TV specials; i.e. “Grand Illusions, The Story of Magic”, the Occasion, Breakfast TV, among many others. Ray has performed in soft seat theatres for crowds over two thousand, and as a resident magician in restaurants, nightclubs and bars, including “The Docks” (Canada’s largest adult playground). You will find him amazing and unforgettable, but above all, entertaining.

Ray has also performed for many celebrities and many of North America’s top companies, and they always find Ray to be professional and entertaining. As a creator, he designs effects that fellow magicians look on with awe, commenting; “That is impossible!” Whether it’s a corporate function, trade show, or private party, his goal is that everyone has a great time.

Last but not least, Ray is a patient teacher. He was one of the head instructors at Sorcerer’s
Summer Safari (Canadian Magic Camp), and has motivated children with his award-winning
school program, “Magic with a Message”. He has taught CEO’s an attention-grabber to present
at their business meetings, and often is asked to take a magic effect and mould it into a
presentation to get a message across. He makes sure people enjoy the message, but
most importantly they go home remembering it! All find his style most enjoyable and Ray
creates an atmosphere where it’s easy and fun to learn.

Whatever your function small or large, Ray always fits in, and will be enjoyed by all.