What Other People Say, That’s Cool

Cool Magician doing an illusion on stage

It’s not easy to force people to say things.

Below are a few instances where people have said some stuff about my magic show and I’ve been able to record them with my always-useful, walkman.

From there, I write the quotes down on a napkin with blue crayons and bake them in the sun for an hour. Be careful not to cry into the napkin or your dinner will be ruined.

Add a pinch of salt to taste, and serve with potatoes. Bon Appetite!

Next time we won’t leave the kids in the car

Award winning parents

I thought you were delivering a pizza?

Tom Moryto, Ram Forest Products

Can you settle it down…people are laughing way to hard

Brian Kirschner, Owner of Lido Theatre FSJ

You made our event a huge success, Thank you

Larry Fenske-Progress Club

You have to see this show over and over again

Quincy (Ray’s dog)

It is as if David Copperfield and Carrot Top had a love child”

Ray’s Mom

How do all of these crows know my name?”


I thought we were seeing the Harry Potter Musical?

Two people without smartphones